Nashville sex addiction treatment

Nashville Sex Addiction Treatment

Center for Relational Healing


The Center for Relational Healing is a private, Christian counseling service dedicated to serving the Nashville , Tennessee area. Since 1998, we have provided treatment for adults, teens and children who have been impacted by sexual addiction, codependency, sexual trauma / identity concerns and various sexual disorders.

Our Nashville Sex Addiction Treatment services at CRH are provided through:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Intensive Workshops
  • Trauma Resolution / EMDR
  • Play Therapy

Through a multi-stage process of individual, group, and couple therapy experiences, unhealthy relational patterns are broken. A nurturing support system encourages the client through deeper work with unresolved emotional issues. As self-defeating beliefs are replaced with truth, a transforming paradigm emerges. Spiritual surrender and forgiveness empower the journey toward healthy intimacy with self, God and others.

The Center for Relational Healing addresses Nashville sex addiction treatment needs in two nearby office locations – Brentwood and Hendersonville , Tennessee .

What is an Intimacy Disorder?

An intimate relationship is one that involves a special emotional, spiritual, and sexual closeness. Deep honesty and trust, healthy boundaries, mutual support, and a surrendered spiritual life are all vital components of healthy intimacy.

Unfortunately, individuals often bring “emotional baggage” to an adult relationship. Such issues as unresolved resentments, fear of rejection and abandonment, history of abuse, sexual trauma, and addictions create barriers to true intimacy. For many, the healthy expression of needs and feelings was not adequately modeled in their families of origin. The result is a disconnection with themselves, God, and others that robs them of the ability to share their true selves and to receive love from others.

An intimacy disorder , then, refers to any unmanageable condition or relational problem that may (1) thrive upon fear and shame, (2) encourage isolation, resentment, and deception, and (3) i nvolve sexual addiction, sexual anorexia, and /or other sexual dysfunction.

Our Center serves Nashville sex addiction treatment needs by considering sex addiction and co-addiction as intimacy disorders with trauma-related etiology. As unresolved trauma wounds are addressed, negative beliefs and shame-based messages that hinder intimacy are replaced with positive beliefs that empower the individual toward healthy relationships.

Our Mission

The Center for Relational Healing exists to transform relationships for those struggling with trauma-based intimacy disorders such as sexual addiction, co-addiction / codependency and sexual identity concerns, empowered by the reconciling love and redemptive grace of Jesus Christ.

We are honored to serve Nashville sex addiction treatment needs at our Center.


Christ-Centered Treatment of Intimacy Disorders
Nashville sex addiction treatment

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Nashville Sex Addiction Treatment